Chapters 3 and 4!

Chapter 3: What I found most interesting in chapter three was the unconscious competence.  It absolutely fascinates me how people can be aware of other cultures without having to think about it.  I am continuously having to consciously think  about my environment.  Even when I do, there are times when I don’t do the right action within a culture.  I envy those who can communicate with other cultures without having to think about it.  A perfect example os someone I…

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Chapters 1 & 2!

Chapter 1: Each culture has diversity.  This chapter helped me to realize how different each culture is and how many differences there can be within each culture.  I had no idea there were many diversities within a single culture. Reading this chapter has opened my eyes to seeing all the many cultures.  This has helped me see others in a completely different light. Chapter 2: What stood out to me in this chapter was the mention of P-time.  My family is…

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